What to do when you’ve lost inspiration!


Theres been many of times throughout my life when I’m been on the ball with inspiration, having so much creativity and drive to accomplish the smallest of tasks in a day – to my biggest projects and goals in weeks with the MAX of inspiration.


Now and then I crash. I find myself procrastinating, binge watching endless amounts of Vampire Diaries’ episodes in a day shameful I know, or sitting on my phone until late at night looking at the most pointless things… instead of writing assignments for Uni or goals I set myself at the start of the year. SO, I decided to give myself a little intervention to find my creativity and inspiration again. AND IT WORKED. WOOHOO!

On my search I found these tips below to be amazing ways to get myย creative mojo-back and I hope they can help find yours too…

Now, when I say break I know you are all hoping I mean a vacation abroad, or to give yourself time away from things that NEED doing, i.e. essays/work (unfortunately).

No, what I mean is whatever it is thats blocking your creativity at the time, put it to the side and go make a cup-of-tea, put your feet up and relax, or simply go for a walk. Having breaks in-between working is the best way I found to give my brain and body a break from stress.

I know this can be the hardest one to actual do (as sad as it is) the majority of people today spend way to much time on their phones.

When you wake up in the morning, see to the things you need to do on your phone (if your like me this won’t be an issue, cough, a loner) and leave your phone at home. Go and explore the world through your eyes, find your own inspiration instead of looking at other peoples lives on social media!

This is the most obvious one but what most people tend to not do. This is the best way to find yourself and reflect. For me, I like to paint, socialise with friends/family, meditate and write. Doing these little things that makes me happy, gives me a new view on things and inspires me to do what I intent/intended to do

Its a proven fact that if you ‘eat good, it makes you feel good’. Also, try work-out, Now I HATE going to the gym, so I find other ways the keep fit and have fun i.e. horse riding, rock climbing, yoga etc. When you feel good about yourself it makes your brain feel good and helps find your creativity and inspiration.

You can almost trick your mind to think a certain way, thinking positive is the best way to keep your mind healthy and open-minded to new prospects and goals! If something bad goes wrong – turn the situation into a positive, instead of saying ‘can’t’ ‘impossible’ ‘no’ – turn them into ‘CAN’ ‘THAT’S POSSIBLE’ and ‘YES‘.



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