I had always admired the diverse cultures and landmarks that make up the USA, seeing places in movies and on adverts and being used as screen-savers, I can remember since being a little girl, I had promised myself I would visit these notoriously beautiful places that make up the land of America before I die…

And so, I-set-out on my bucket list quest and spent 5 weeks traveling from the East coast, New York, all the way to the West Coast, San Fransisco – 15 states, 5,346 miles, 9-52 degree temperatures

No dream is ever too big to follow, so bite-the-bullet and go see and do the things you dream of doing! YOU WON’T REGRET IT. TRUST ME. 

Instead of listing all the places I visited, I’ve picked my top 4 recommendations you best put on your bucket list (if you’ve not already!) Enjoyyyyyyy


New orleans is full of life and culture with music playing all day and night long. Now I know when people used to mention New Orleans to me, i would instantly imagine beautiful architecture with a French vibe, african-american men playing live jazz music on the streets and a witchy-voodoo erie feeling. And thats just what I got. Yippee.

Places to visit while you’re there:

Preservation hall: live jazz show, $5 entry, no video’s/ pictures allowed. 
Bourbon Street, French quarter:
 Artists, St. Louis cathedral, quirky voodoo stores, cajun cuisines, and tons of history.
Cafe Du Monde: A famous cafe for its 24 hour, 7 days a week opening times that sells amazing coffee and sugar coated doughnuts.
Dreamy Weenies: an amazing hot-dog restaurant with a great vibe and even better food. It puts a modern twist on the traditional New Orleans hot dog style. Yum!
Marie Lavaeu’s house of voodoo: now you can’t go to the home of witchcraft and voodoo and not visit the famous home of Marie Laveau, I recommend getting a tarot reading!


If you have a hard time picturing heaven. Google Yosemite National Park.
I have never been so blown away with the view of anything other than this incredible place. It was like looking at a freshly painted vibrant piece of art, and to this day and no doubt, forever, this will be my FAVOURITE place on earth. And if you’re ever lucky enough to get to visit this beautiful place, you have to do the Half Dome hike around the Glacier.

Thank me later.


Washington is such a busy, fun and full of history city… I loved it!

Places to visit while you’re there:

White House: Go get those famous piccys stood outside the home of the elites!
Lincoln memorial: The temple homed to the 30metre high Abraham Lincoln memorial statue is so magnificent and mind-blowing cool full of history is one to not see
National History Museum: as cool as it is in the Night at the Museum, and it really does feel as though things are going to come to life


After visiting this mind-blowing place, I now know why this magnificent place was featured in so many films, i.e. The Lone Ranger, Transformers, Forest Gump and Back to the Future III to just name a few.
While I was at Monument valley I went on a off-roading truck tour around some of the National Park and totally recommend it! They also do horse-back tours which would be just as awesome! I also recommend staying to watch the famous sunset over the valley, it truly is such a beautiful sight, arghhh.


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