Why everyone should do Camp America.

After finishing my second year at Camp Blue Ridge Georgia this summer, here are some reasons why everyone should do Camp America!…

Camp Friends are THE best friends. When I went to camp, I was extremely nervous I would make no friends and i’d be totally lonely the whole 12 weeks of me being there. I was wrong. The first day I had got to know everyone and we instantly all became a family. You’ll find connections with people you thought you’d never have with in your “home life”, you’ll laugh, cry, discover and have fun with these people and become the people you rely on at camp for security, fun and comfort – because we are all in the same boat.

Before going to camp i thought i knew the person i was, wanted to be and the things I’m interested in. That was a totally different story after camp. You learn about yourself more than you could imagine. Being away from home for 12 weeks gives you chance to be yourself, push yourself out of you comfort zone (a lot of the times you don’t have a choice) and do things you’re unable to do at home – this opens your mind and heart and welcomes all new possibilities and interests! Trust me! I now feel i know exactly who i am, destined to be (as cliche as it sounds) and new interests I love!<3

When you’re at camp you’re constantly busy – seeing to kids, running an activity or taking part in games – so inevitably, you don’t actually have a lot of time to think about home. And this might sound horrible, but I think it does you a world of good. It allows you to not worry about things/problems in the real world and gives you some ‘you’ time without any worry, stress or heart-ache. Its great therapy (*sits like a buddha*)

With you’re J1 student exchange visa it lasts up to 3 months. However camp only tends to last 2 months – so you know what that means… 4 weeks to travel post-camp around America! So go soak up some culture!!!!

Everyone who does camp will tell you they did it for the experience. When you’re at camp it doesn’t feel like a job because its so fun, and technically i still don’t see it classed as a job. BUT what a bonus  – you get paid to look after awesome kids, spend 3 months in america having fun & getting paid. What more could you want?

My favourite time of the whole year. Conor War. Now, if i tried to explain what this is i would sound so lame and dramatic at the same time. Its the most intense, draining, demanding and powerful time of your time at camp. But the most rewarding, fun and exciting time. Im not even going to begin to explain what it entails so go watch some youtube videos on it. And you’ll know what Im getting at…

Being at camp you obtain so much skills and traits you can’t get from doing anything else. Now for me, I didn’t realise all the things id learnt about the world, other people, myself and things Im good at, until leaving camp

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Dear Camp America,

Camp is one of the best things I have ever done, and i know that for sure. It gave me such a lease of life and opened my eyes to whats beyond what I know and used to think. I found myself being pushed to my limits both mentally and physically and its the most rewarding feeling internally and externally. When I think back to my times at camp 2015 & 2016 it makes me emotional with happiness and joy at the memories I made, people i met and the fun i had. Making lifelong friends, bonding with tons of children, taking part in sports and activities I love and making the best stories with friends, and thats only the beginning of the reason why camp participants, would return to camp every year if we could.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity.



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