HOW TO: Henna & match your eyeshadow and nails!

Now, I can be very lazy when it comes to painting my nails, and I tend to never have the energy to paint-remove-paint my nails according to seasons, mood or to match my clothes.

However, considering its coming up to christmas i thought i would pamper myself and attempt to make my nails and hand look a little more appealing.

This is how I created a very simple henna design anyone can do. I love henna because its like a temporary tattoo that only tends to last a couple of weeks, its cheap and its a way for me to have a create outlet while making my hand look more appealing (right?)

I have been doing henna on myself for a couple of years as I got a lot of inspiration from Tumblr and instagram and I just love the eastern-look, so I decided to purchase a batch of natural herbal based (the best for your skin) henna ink.

Before starting your art I recommend moisturising your hands to its easy for the ink to glide over your skin. A great hand cream is Johnson’s 24hour moisture hand cream. Before starting I also recommend collating a few ideas and inspiration so you can get an idea how you want your henna design to look. Here I went for a flower and bracelet style henna I created through inspo from pictures online.

eBay henna ink natural herbal based:


Okay, this is how I match my nail colour to my eyeshadow colour for a special occasion thats super easy!…

For this look I wanted a christmassy/festive look, so I decided to go for a deep red and a feature design for one of my nails – which matches my eyeshadow. So firstly what I did was paint my nails except my ring finger – which I painted a nude colour. before letting the nude colour dry I swatched my glittery eyeshadow with my opposite finger and dabbed the eyeshadow over the nude nail polish before it dried. (don’t swipe otherwise it will smudge and remove the nail polish base). This then creates a matte colour that will match your eyeshadow.

TIP: If you happen to be a tad slopping with nail polis just grab a cue-tip, dip it in some nail polish remover and carefully wipe around the edges of your nail.

Here are some inspiration/ideas you can re-create!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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