The Ultimate Christmas Checklist.

It’s only 27 days until Christmas, can you believe it, arghhh! The build up to Christmas for me is the most exciting part, everyone is rushing around getting presents, making arrangements and getting all excited, (Or is that just me?) I love the buzz in the air when its cold outside and you know christmas is only a few weeks away! Nothing makes me feel more festive than thinking about the things I’m going to get up to as it gets closer to the special time. So, Ive wrote down an ultimate christmas checklist everyone should be doing and do as christmas gets closer!

tumblr_o6fd4naihw1ul5itpo1_500No.1  The Necessities!
Now its obvious everyone will be buying gifts for their family and friends. However, now is the time to get wardrobe ready for this festive holiday (as there are some great x-deals on right now). Firstly, a good pair of slippers is key. I’ve owned the same slippers for years and it just makes me feel so christmassy when I wear them around this time! Socks. Now, not just any socks but the best kind are the ultra fluffy socks.
Every year I pop to Primark and stock up on a few pairs of the cheesiest-festive socks I can get my hands on! (I would also recommend a robe or onesie for this cold-snuggly weather!)

mince-piesNo.2 Food!
Its time to get filling the fridge with goodies and treats! (My favourite part of christmas – guilty). For me, nothing brings joy more than traditional christmas goodies such as, hot chocolate, mulled wine, minced pies, and the odd meal out for a pub grub to warm the belly up with good old english food! Yummy!

family-eating-christmas-dinnerNo.3 Family!
Of course christmas time is the best time to get to spend with your family, so its time to get in contact with all your family, dropping grudges, and make a mends! This is the time to appreciate quality time and rekindling relationships so make time to go see or speak to all your family members!
will-ferrell-zooey-deschanel-elfNo.4 Traditions!
This is the thing I love about this time of year. Following special traditions you wouldn’t be allowed to do any other time of the year. For me this includes having sleepovers with my sister the nights up to christmas where we do girly things and reminisce on past christmas’s – so cute. CHRISTMAS JUMPERS. I am super guilty of being that person that lovessss to wear the most cringe-worth christmas jumpers I can find in the shops – and getting a ritual poloriod picture with my family and our christmas jumpers. We
also have a tons of christmas playlists playing throughout the house, especially when decorating the house. I also think a great tradition is ‘games night’ christmas eve. This brings the family altogether having fun just by good old traditional board games such as charades, monopoly and Jenga.

3228101_0c1695fbNo.5 Days out!
I know nobody likes to leave their house around christmas due to the minus 100 degree weather. But, honestly Its lovely to go see the festivity out and about! For me I love going ice-skating and going to the Manchester german markets – where they sell all things christmassy (and a great time to get last minute x-mas gifts), they sell great food, mulled wine and delicious crepes with nutella! (No, thats not the only reason why I go…)

41cd0cb0168a877e6c6dbc10cf4f8fd5No.6 Reflecting on the year!
This is great time to have down-time and reflect on the past year. Its the perfect time to appreciate the things you’ve accomplished and the things you set-out-to do but didn’t manage it – so add it to your new years resolution! Reflect on the times you’ve had and the amazing things that has come to your life. This is what I think brings so much happiness to the perfect end to the year!



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