How I balance work, education and keeping fit :)

I remember when starting this year of university, I thought it’d be a distant, faint memory of having time to workout. And to be honest, I was relatively happy about the idea of this (guilty).
However, after around 3 months of education I realised I couldn’t go on any longer letting myself be such a slob, I mean, it’s all fun and games until you start to grow a microwave meal tum. So when I was kindly reminded by my mum I should “look after my body” aka: ‘you need to get in shape,’ I knew it was time to figure out a way of working out between uni life and working 20 hours a week.

The best advice I could give if you’re also looking to find time to workout is to create a  PLAN! Before endeavouring on this attempt to get summer body ready, I found 5 minutes to sit down and make a pen-to-paper plan.

  1. Buy a calendar and fill in your monthly schedule; for me this was Uni, work hours, plans with family and friends and general errands like food shopping.
  2. I then write in at least 4 days a week times I am free to workout.
  3. Wake up early if need be; I think the best health comes from a good night’s sleep, so I have started to have earlier night’s so I can wake up 30 minutes earlier – for a quick at home workout.
  4. Download apps… there are plenty of apps available on the App store (most are free) that will give you at home work out tutorials that are catered for all stages of fitness. I find this the easiest way to stay in shape. You can find 20 minutes of your day to workout at home with no need to leave the house, which is more time-efficient, and the best part is, it’s free! (So there are no excuses).
  5. Invest in good workout clothes. Now, my logic is why buy nice, expensive workout clothes for them not to be used?  Try to invest in quality sports gear and it’ll make you want to wear them, trust me.
  6. Motivation. For me, I find having someone to workout with makes it so much easier to bare. Music is another amazing way of getting pumped – download a workout playlist if need be. I have also printed off a picture of the body I want, this inspires me every morning when I see it on my wall to work hard for the results I want.

One thought on “How I balance work, education and keeping fit :)

  1. adamcox64 says:

    For such a long, detailed post, this was in pretty good shape. I spotted a few small things.

    – you wrote: (So there’s no excuses). That s/b (So there are no excuses) because there’s is short for “there is” and you can’t say that followed by excuses (plural)
    – In number five you missed out a word: “Try invest in …” (missing “to”)
    – In number six, you wrote: “Everyone has their own way of getting motivated, for me, I find having ….” That should be two sentences, with the first one ending with motivated and a second one beginning, “For me, I find…”

    I wish I had your discipline when it comes to juggling work, social life and exercise!


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