Highstreet Fashion Trends I’m Obsessing Over!!

Here are some of the my favourite high-street trends, which I can’t get enough of…


When I first saw these floating around online shopping sites like Boohoo.com and Asos, I was so bewildered. I know fashion is a lot about the ‘whats next’ and everyone’s looking for the next best thing but I didn’t think they would take it this far. However, I seen someone around London last week ROCKIN’IT with one of these belts and I instantly wanted to be her. She made it look so cool, pairing it with an oversized shirt and knee high boots and I was instantly converted!


Nothing says cute more than slogan tee’s!! I am in awe of these plain tee’s with small ‘front pocket quotes’ at the moment. They are super easy to pull off, great for everyday wear and look amazing with everything. You can style these tucked in a pair of jeans with trainers, under a blazer, with a cute skirt or as an oversized dress. These tops are taking over the high-streets and are super affordable (So of course I’m all in for these!).


If you’ve read my first blog post you’ll know I love a good alter-ego style. And this is one I’m crazing about! When this 90’s trend came popular a couple of months ago I was a little apprehensive as to how long it would stick around, like usual fashion trends they can be in-and-out the door as fast as boxing day clearances. But thankfully, it’s stuck around!

Little tip – if your parent happens to have an old band top they no longer need (apart from nostalgic reasons) ask them if you can have it, and if need be, tear it up and cut it they way you want. And there you have it – a quick and cheap style to nail 2017’s trends! And who ever thought we’d be asking for our parents hand-me-downs? Not me.


Love, love, love this new trend! Why wear denim jeans when you can wear stylish thigh-high denim boots? Following on the recent trend of over-the-knee boots, they have upped the game with these bad boys. Style these with an over-sized shirt and thats a minimalistic outfit looking high-to-perfection!



I remember being around 6, wearing a velvet top I would never taking off – with horrendous matching velvet shoes, thinking I was in Cher’s ‘click’ from Clueless after watching it on repeat practically everyday. So seeing this trend coming into 2017 has give me hope this year is going to be a good-one.


2 thoughts on “Highstreet Fashion Trends I’m Obsessing Over!!

  1. adamcox64 says:

    This is a common mistake… You wrote: “Here are some of the my favourite high-street trends I can’t get enough off…”

    That really should be “Here are some of the high-street trends I can’t get enough of…”
    “Here are some of the my favourite high-street trends, which I can’t get enough of…”
    “Here are some of the my favourite high-street trends. I can’t get enough of them…”

    Note that you wrote “off” when you meant “of”! Take the time to proofread.


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