How I treasure those memories

I am the biggest hoarder of pictures and photographs and I feel the need to take as many photos as imaginable. My camera roll is at around 3,000 pictures and I have no idea how! (Please don’t judge me *eye roll*).

When I was 17 I held all my pictures onto my laptop so I could delete them off my phone for storage. And would never get the pictures developed. Bad move Taylor. My laptop somehow crashed and broke, and I had no backup of my thousands and thousands of pictures that I had accumulated since I was about 11, and as you can probably imagine an 11 year old let loose with taking pictures, meant I had millions. And they had all been wiped clear (brb while I cry about this  –  still).

How I store my pictures
So, I now take everything I have inside of me to make sure these memories are not leaving my side, literally! I tend to take my pictures using either my phone or my camera and thank the lord for modern technology – iCloud hooks me up by syncing my phone/camera pictures upto my laptop.

After my traumatic experience of losing my photos – and for a girl with a bad memory it felt like I lost my childhood – I invested in a portable hard drive. I will now and then take this to my local Tesco and get some of my pictures developed, because frankly, a girl with my history cannot take too many precautions!

For Christmas a couple of years back, my parents bought me a Fujifilm Instax printer, where you can connect your phone and easily print pictures off onto a Polaroid style photograph.

How I edit my pictures
When it comes to editing I aim to keep the original picture as natural as I can, so I can keep the  memory as authentic as possible. The only app I use is VSCO – it’s super easy to use and gives the effect to the pictures I desire without being over edited.

Here’s an example of a photograph I took and slightly edited. The main things I adjust are the saturation, crop and colour vibrancy. Church: Cathedral de San Juan Bautista, Puerto Rico.

Some of my favourite photographs I’ve taken + edited


Louisiana swamp


sunset at Monument valley


North Face rock, Yosemite National Park


Horseshoe Bend, Arizona


Culebra Island, Puerto Rico


Shore in Puerto Rico


Brighton Pier


Puerto Rico street


Rodeo Drive


behind the Hollywood Sign


Yosemite National Park waterfall


One thought on “How I treasure those memories

  1. adamcox64 says:

    Great pictures. Although I’m sure the 11-year-old you was not taking such accomplished pictures, I can certainly imagine why you would have been devastated. The writing is good. You got in a bit of a muddle in the second paragraph.

    You wrote: “When I was 17 and I held all my pictures onto my laptop so I could delete them off my phone for storage, and would never get the pictures developed.” I think that should be: “When I was 17 I held all my pictures onto my laptop so I could delete them off my phone for storage. And I would never get the pictures developed.”

    But otherwise it’s clear and, as usual, vibrant. I also got to learn a new term… brb! (I had to look it up, I’m sorry to say.)


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