How I make healthy pancakes.

Why do we only get to celebrate pancakes only one day a year? We should appreciate delicious pancakes all year around, right? Maybe people think it’s not acceptable to eat pancakes as often as they like because they think they’re unhealthy. So, although pancake day has already come and gone this year, here is how you can make healthy, but just as tasty, pancakes all year around!

All you need is:                                         Optional:
1x egg                                                            Fruit
2 bananas                                                    Chocolate chips
Oats/granola powder                               Peanut butter
Self-raise flour                                          Protein powder

Step 1
Pour a handful of oats in to a bowl with 1 egg, a pinch of flour and 1 and a half chopped banana and mash all together until it becomes a runnier consistency. If the mixture is a little thick, add a dash of milk. I also find the pancakes taste better with much riper bananas.


Step 2
Heat a pan with a teaspoon of oil, on a low heat, and add the mixture into small but thin circles. I find I can fit around 3 small pancakes into a large frying pan. If you’d prefer to make larger pancakes, try cooking one pancake at a time.

Leave the pancake mixture in the pan for about 2-3 minutes or until they become  a crispy golden colour.


Step 3
Pile your pancakes onto a plate and add toppings of your choice! I usually use my left over half of a banana, blueberries, honey and a pinch of sunflower seeds.




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