Places I want to visit before I die

I am a huge travel advocate. I think from travelling, visiting cities  and experiencing cultures, it teaches you much more about life than anything else can, and as cliche as it sounds, you truly do “find yourself” and learn so much about yourself you didn’t already know. From travelling over the past two years, I found interests I’d never normally think twice about, became so much more open-minded and saw and experienced different ways of life that made me greatly appreciative and respectful. I learnt what really matters in life and grew a huge desire to see more, and delve into as many different cultures around the world as I can.
So, I have listed the top places I would love to see before I die below 🙂

Venice, Italy 


After my grandparents returned from their trip last year with so many great things to say about Venice from the romantic atmosphere, the delicious food and beautiful sights, with hundreds of pictures to show for it, I was hooked on going! Known for being the most alluring city in the world, why would anyone not want to visit?

Rome, Italy 

Trevi Fountain, Rome - Italy

Rome as a city is a shrine for history, architecture and culture. Of course, being the Capital of Italy, you probably won’t find as good Italian food anywhere else in the world. Having a love for photography – Rome, filled with ancient history buildings, statues and monuments – is a place I would love to capture on camera.

Reykjavik, Iceland


This is the one place out of all the countries and cities in the world I would want to see the most. Having no idea about the northern lights until watched Disney’s Brother Bear and being in complete awe, has made me totally obsessed with this spectacular sight ever since. I can google and search pictures of the northern lights for hours and only imagine how insanely beautiful this natural phenomenon would be in person.

Kenya, Africa


Visiting a safari park in Kenya is a true crazy-lady animal-lovers dream – aka, mine. Imagine getting to see these magnificent mammals unclose in their natural habitat, seeing them with their young and how they move freely in the wild. As someone who doesn’t believe in zoo’s and keeping wild animals captive, the thought of seeing these wildly insane moments up close is why this is one for my bucket list!



As I know there are hundreds of amazing places to see in Thailand, my dream would be to take a few months off and go explore the best places Thailand has to offer. From their wild buzzy cities to the most remote beaches and coves hidden around the Islands. A place with so much culture and beautiful places is only a couple reasons I want need to go!


What are the places you’d love to visit before you die?….


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