The Travel Diaries: Marbella, Spain

I went to Spain around three weeks ago nowย with my family and boyfriend. We only went for around five days as we all had work, school and uni commitments, but we managed to make the most of the time we had and had a blast!

We spend most of our days relaxing by the pool; playing in the water and sunbathing mainly. As we all was on a well deserved break from exams at school and university this was the perfect down time we all needed!

Me and my boyfriend, on two of the days, decided to rent bikes and ride all down the coast of Peurto Banus to Old Town Marbella. We jumped on a tour boat, with bikes in tow, and went down to the next harbour, where the older/more traditional Marbella sits. We ventured around this area taking in the beautiful atmosphere that was so authentic and traditional, and of course grabbing some well-needed ice-cream to cool us down.

I hadn’t been to Marbella in over five years (which my and family and I would tend to go every year before then) and it had not changed whatsoever, the atmosphere was still great with lovely people and a great pace to shop and relax!<3


Our stunning villa!


Beautiful old town Marbella streets


Puerto Banus harbour


A little burnt… oooops!!






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